When we asked men what they really thought about women who carry condoms, we weren’t sure what to expect. Perhaps a laugh, a bit of sarcasm, a story or two and…maybe even a little sexism. What we got was a wide range of answers, from utterly suspicious to super stoked. However, the most common word of all was music to our ears: Responsible.

Check out the exact responses from a handful of the men we surveyed:

“She actually WANTS to do this? Go me!”

“Responsible. I like that.”

“Clever girl.”

“Awesome! I’m in.”

“Check for holes. Always always always check for holes. The lower brain can’t spot crazy as easy as the upper brain.”

“Responsible and independent.”

“I’ve known some girls that keep a couple in their purse. It definitely makes me realize I’m with someone who knows what they’re doing.”

“Check the date. Check for holes. If all is good, I’m going in. Honestly, I’d prefer if a girl has condoms. It is more likely if she has regular sex she is still safe.”

“Responsible and well-prepared.”

“That’s a weird question.”

We're reading between the lines and choosing to believe that when a women carries condoms, most men think some version of the following:

1. This girl respects herself and me. That's pretty hot.
2. If she's prepared like this, she must know exactly what she's doing.
3. I'm about to have sex...yes!

Bottom line, regardless of what men do or don't think, we'll always play it safe and welcome all women out there to join the club.

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