Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial herald of the start of summer. Ah, summer: the season of sand, sun, and, let’s face it, sex. As the temps get hotter and the sun shines brighter, the clothes come off for all sorts of...recreational activities.

With this in mind, and so that you can start your summer off both in the know and with a bang (pun completely intended) here are six summer sex trends for 2014.

1. Less Bare, More Hair

The Huffington Post recently blogged about the latest waxing trend which is: not to do it. Motivated by feminism, health, and just comfort, women have started to be proud of their bush down below. Cameron Diaz wrote about keeping it in her recent book. Even American Apparel, the mecca of hipsters everywhere, is getting in on the act. Recently their stores unveiled mannequins with full (and neatly trimmed) bushes. Keeping pubic hair in place and eschewing waxing also helps women avoid nasty bacterial infections, which is why Mother Nature put it there in the first place. And hey, as Danny Castellano said on the Mindy Project: “Just grow it out. No one wants a 9 year old.” This is why we agree with Buzzfeed that Dr. Castellano is the ultimate dream boyfriend. (The fact that he has sweet, sweet dance moves helps too).

 2. Water Sex Isn’t So Hot...or Wet

Ok, this isn’t a trend so much as common sense. Yes, we have those fantasies about getting it on in the pool...the jacuzzi...the ocean...any body of water, really. After all, it’s so HOT out. But be careful: water sex actually washes away the lubrication you need (whether natural or applied), which can make it uncomfortable, and when it comes to pools, the chemicals in chlorine can irritate the genital areas. As for hot tubs? They are literally breeding grounds for bacteria, which means UTIs.

3.  #AfterSex

We take selfies at parties, when we eat, alone, in groups, so why not after sex? That’s right, the latest trend is after sex selfies, or otherwise known by its hashtag, #aftersex. The Facebook page, started in April, has over 600,000 likes and features couples all over the world post-coital. Even Bert and Ernie got in on the action, in probably one of the cutest #aftersex selfies of them all.

 Bert & Ernie cuddling in bed

4. Vanilla Sex is Back

The Fifty Shades of Grey craze seems to be fading out of the bedroom. A recent report done by intimate lifestyle product manufacturer LELO showed that couples are trending towards sex toys that lean less towards BDSM and more towards emotional intimacy. Whips are out: couples massagers in.

5. Lube Doing Double Duty

Speaking of massages, it looks like the latest lubes being produced can also be used to soothe those aching muscles. As Cosmopolitan detailed in a recent sex trend list, normal massage oils contain chemicals that can damage condoms and cause infections. To solve this problem, companies such as KY are rolling out lubes that can be used all over the body.

6. App it, Baby

Whether it comes to hookups, dating, or relationships, apps are, as Newsday wrote, “replacing pick up lines.” Tindr, Grindr, OkCupid, Dattch, Loveflutter, Revealer, Hinge: the list is endless, and sex is literally a swipe away. Whether it’s serious or just for fun, more and more people are phoning it in (literally). And if you want a solo session, well, yes, there’s an app for that too. Happyplaytime is a sex positive female app made to help women masturbate.

Now that you're aligned with the sexual zeitgeist, go forth and #dowhatsnatural all summer long. 


Image Credits: Tumblr, Facebook

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