Clothes are coming off this summer and not just because the temps are rising. Sure, it's hot outside, but things are totally heating up between the sheets...and in the pool and on the porch and in the backseat....

It's gearing up to be the sexiest summer yet, and to prepare, we've rounded up six of the sultriest places to get it on during the warm weather months. Trust us when we say you'll be breaking a sweat in all the right ways.

Poolside Play
For any of you lucky lovers with a backyard pool, report back with all of the creative ways you learn to maneuver those inflatable pool toys, rafts and noodles galore.

Sex on the Beach
Seem obvious? Perhaps, but here's a pro tip for all of you beach bums out there...lay down a beach towel or blanket before going at it to prevent sand from going where it shouldn't. You'll thank us later.

Shower Time Sizzle
Beat the heat while bringing your own with a cool shower for two. Added perk? Bathing with a partner saves water (sustainability for the win!) addition to all the time you'd spend showering post-play anyway ;)

Backseat Heat
Need an excuse to feel young again? Crank up the AC and get down to business in the backseat, in the trunk, in the bed of the truck, or if you really need your space pop open the back and take a ride (literally). And this time, you won't have to worry about your parents finding out.

Sexing in the Rain
Singing in the rain was so 1950's, so we're changing it up. And even though summer rain may ruin a good day at the beach, it certainly creates opportunity to get you wet in more ways than one...

Hammock (or Backyard) Happy Endings
Not just a tool meant for some solid snuggle-time, your hammock may just be what you need to put a little extra motion in your sexual ocean. This one may take some practice (and skill), but after a few rounds, we think you'll get the swing of it.

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