You’ve settled in for the night, poured a glass of wine, popped your bowl of popcorn and are all ready to lose yourself in the magic of a movie when suddenly, it hits: Netflix shock.

Categories, subcategories, Recommendations for You, it’s hard to figure out what to choose. If only there was a curated list to help you find that just-right sexy summer storyline for a night in.

Well, good thing we like to #getontop here at Sustain. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are 7 Steamy Summer Netflix Recs (and they are DEFINITELY there; oh, Rocky, why did Netflix take you away?)

1. From Here To Eternity

That beach scene. That CLASSIC beach scene. Starts off with a bang, and then add in World War II, high stakes love, and men in uniform and you have one sexy time.

 2. Dirty Dancing

A summer resort in the Berkshires. Skimpy Clothes. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey with chemistry that was off the charts. And of course, dancing, the ultimate in foreplay. What’s not to like?

3. Y Tu Mamá También

Two boyhood friends take road-trip with a sexy older woman. Shenanigans ensue. You’re welcome.

4. Cruel Intentions

An update of Dangerous Liaisons with Ryan PhillippeReese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar, these bored NYC trust-fund babies know it’s as much about the mind games as it is about the sex.

5. Barbarella

This 1960s sci-fi B movie classic stars a young Jane Fonda as Barbarella, a sexually free woman on a mission to stop the evil Durand Durand. With action, adventure and plenty of sex rolled into a mere 98 minutes, it’s one heck of a ride.


6. A Werewolf Boy

A Korean Romeo and Juliet plotline with a supernatural edge, this tale of star-crossed love will have you catching your breath every other second with thrills, romance and the heat between its two young co-stars.


7.  Love Songs

It’s a French musical about a menage-a-trois starring the magnetic Ludivine Sagnier and that epitome of  je ne sais quois hotness Louis Garrel. Nothing else needs to be said.

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