Meika Hollender, our fearless co-founder and marketing director, recently traveled to southern India for our first manufacturing run. Check our her trip through her eyes in the photo diary below!

Meika Hollender

Day 1: After almost 24 hours of travel, I finally arrived in Chennai! The team picked me up at my hotel, and of course I thought this was the perfect time for a #jetlaggedselfie.

Factory in India

A few hours, and 5 bottles of water later, we arrived at the factory!

Packing condoms at the factory

Day 2: Running on a little more sleep, I joined the team and started packing boxes. It was incredible to play a part in bringing our packaging to life. Our manufacturing facility is also one of the most sustainable condom factories on the planet, and seeing their commitment to the environment in person was very inspiring.

Promenade in Pondicherry

Day 3: Since India is particularly hot this time of year, the best time to walk around and explore was very early in the morning. Each morning around 7 a.m. I would walk the Promenade in Pondicherry.

Tailored Fit 10 pack

Day 4: Things were coming along nicely, so I took the opportunity to take a glam shot of our Tailored Fit 10-pack.

View from Pondicherry hotel room

Day 5: This is the view from my hotel room in Pondicherry...

Meika Hollender

...and this is me on the promenade at sunset on my last night! Another fun fact about India this time of year is that it’s mango season. I must have devoured at least 20 by the end of the trip!

Meika helping load trucks

Day 6: My final day at the factory. No, I did not load the trucks all by myself, but I did supervise.

Yellow truck with flowers

There is so much beauty in India in unexpected places. For example, the trucks that carried our product to the airport had bright colored flowers painted all over them. It’s the little things.

Meika holding Sustain condoms

Day 7: Back in the US and ready to rock shelves in stores everywhere!

Until next time...

Meika on flight

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