Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld, co-authors of Smitten – one of our fave dating advice books  – answer all of our hot Qs including the most important: How do you get on top?

I hail from…
Ariel: The Vermont countryside. Irish/English stock.

Simone: The wilds of Northern NJ. My essence vibe is a Mediterranean mix, with a sprinkle of Polynesian.

My digs are now…
Ariel: Brooklyn, NY. Tumbling into Prospect Park.

Simone: In the Village, NYC.

What my LinkedIn says I do…
Ariel: I’ve been trying to close that thing down for years. Not sure what it says I do.

Simone: A psychotherapist and co-author of self-help/dating book Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt.

What I say I do...
Ariel: Teach yoga, yoga therapy and meditation and I’m a published author teaching the way of brilliant flirtation.

Simone: Nurture and enhance the light of truth and love in myself and others.

My desk is…
Ariel: Antique cherry wood. A little wobbly.

Simone: A patch of carpet on my living room floor.

When we say ‘condom’ you say…
Ariel: If I have to.

Simone: Sounds fun.

What’s in my bag right now is…
Ariel: A book on the science of yoga, pure peppermint oil, my goals journal, petal pink lipstick, hidden wads of cash.

Simone: My YSL Glossy Stain lipgloss #13, Memories, Dreams and Reflections, by Carl Jung, my datebook, a few loose pieces of obsidian.

The song that’s stuck in my head…
Ariel: But we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy, no we're never gonna survive unless we are a little cray cray crazy… SEAL.

Simone: September, St. Lucia.

My mantra is….
Ariel: Everything is just as it should be

Simone: With great power comes great responsibility. Nobody is a victim.

How do you get on top?
Ariel: By slithering out from underneath…

Simone: By dancing with myself in the mirror until I feel that deep surge of joy that tells me it’s good to be alive.

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