Last week we chatted with Sarah Jayne, Founder & CEO of Unbound Box. Unbound is a quarterly sex toy subscription service for women. The service introduces women to the best and buzziest, highly vetted brands on the market in a sleek, stylish and empowering way. So if you were wondering, yes, Sarah knows a thing or two when it comes to sex toys.

I hail from… a small town in Ohio.

My digs are now…a small apartment in Manhattan

What my LinkedIn says I do… everything.  I have a former coworker who endorsed me for every skill under the sky.

What I say I do... "I started a sex toy subscription company for awesome chicks."

My desk is… gorgeous but I always end up working from the couch.

When we say ‘condoms’ you say… for all!

What’s in my bag right now is… Milk Duds because I snuck them into Guardians of the Galaxy last night, a copy of The Big Book of Submission (from our September Unbound Box!) and a course of Typhoid immunization because I'm going to India this year.

The song that’s stuck in my head… "Sun Goes Out" by Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes.

My mantra is…. "If" by Rudyard Kipling.  Michael Caine did a reading of it (available on Itunes!) and I listen to it obsessively.

How do you get on top? I wear sunscreen. I value people over money. Always. And I try my best to do regular updates on my devices.

For more on Unbound Box, click here.

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