Intercourse was stoked to sit down with Rachel Hodin, the thought-provoking writer and author over at Thought Catalog. We briefly pulled Rachel away from her musings for this week's "Get on Top," where she reveals how she disguises her copy of Gone Girl (brilliant) - and her first thoughts when she hears the word "condom."

I hail from… NYC

My digs are now… Brooklyn.

What my LinkedIn says I do… Write and have way more friends than I actually do.

What I say I do... Write!

My desk is… Not big enough.

When we say ‘condom’ you say… Olé! [dancing lady emoji]

What’s in my bag right now is… NOT Gone Girl…(I’ve removed its jacket cover to make it less conspicuous). A couple notebooks. And sustain condoms, duh (keeps me hopeful).

The song that’s stuck in my head… Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac. NOT an easy song to hum.

My mantra is... Started from the bottom, yet I’m still here? OR IDGAF…until I do.

How do you get on top? Nutella definitely helps. As does Anaïs Nin, Scandal and pilates. In no particular order.

Be sure to check out more of Rachel's work here.


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