Olivia and Steph of American Two Shot

We love seeing women get on top. So we decided to create a blog series about it. We picked the brains of some Girl Bosses we particularly love to tell us how they get on top in their everyday lives. The ladies taking the virginity of our Get On Top series are Olivia and Steph of the incredibly curated Soho boutique American Two Shot.

I hail from…

Olivia: 305.

Steph: 305 (Miami).

My digs are now…

Olivia: Being dug. I’m moving!

Steph: NYC.

What my LinkedIn says I do…

Olivia: I can’t remember my LinkedIn password. =/

Steph:  “Boss at American Two Shot”.

What I say I do...

Olivia: Depends on who I’m talking to.

Steph: “Boss at American Two Shot”.

My desk is…

Olivia: Right next to steph’s :)

Steph: The one with sriracha on it.

When we say ‘condom’ you say...

Olivia: Duh.

Steph: *wink

What’s in my bag right now is…

Olivia: A lot of little pouches with other stuff in them.

Steph: iPhone, keys, wallet, Nars lipstick, Smoke & Mirrors sunglasses, Baron von Fancy lighter, Sustain :)

The song that’s stuck in my head…

Olivia: ASTR “Blue Hawaii”.

Steph: Unfortunately, "No flex zone".

My mantra is….

Olivia: Be kind.

Steph: I’m breezy.

How do you get on top?

Olivia: Go with the flow.

Steph: Breezily.

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