We all put so much time and energy into creating the perfect date night. Yes, the Art of Dating is full of expectations. But we also like to think that is it full of infinite possibilities to be creative and more mindful. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, a first date, or an anniversary, any night is a good night for romance. Here are some simple and sexy ways to be swept off your feet with a minimal footprint.


We all love getting flowers. There’s no better way to bring color and life inside, especially if it’s a gift or a gesture from a loved one (hey, that includes yourself!).  Yet, nothing takes the enjoyment out of a beautiful arrangement like realizing how unsustainable its’ growth, trade, storage, and delivery can be.  Next time you’re in the market or needing to drop the hint, find a local Veriflora preferred retailer near you that can provide certified sustainable flowers.

Eat Locally, Out on the Town

If you’re going out, there’s a lot of technology that can make finding the most delicious and planet loving restaurants so simple. Free smartphone apps like Yelp, Urbanspoon, OpenTable, Find Me Gluten Free, can be awesome tools for planning where to dine close by.. But newcomer app Farm Star Living (also free!) will help you find farm-to-table restaurants across the country. With directions, contact info and reviews, it’s about as easy as it gets. Also, once you get there, don’t be shy about putting them to the test by asking them where their food comes from and if being sustainable or supporting local food purveyors is a priority.

Eat Locally, Staying In

Cooking at home can be a more romantic, lower stakes, and less expensive option than going out on the town. Bonus? You have way more control on where your ingredients come from. Whether you’re a burgeoning gourmand or you’re already a pro at finding seasonally and sustainably reliable groceries, check out the app Eat Local to see what is in season and available near you.

Beyond Dinner and a Movie

Buck convention. Fun, eco date nights can go well beyond a dinner date (by no means do I imply that they be mutually exclusive).

  • Whether you’re going on a first date or looking for a good time with a long term partner, it’s always good to put yourself out there… in the great outdoors that is. The best way to appreciate the environment is to actually spend time in Mother Nature. Look up local hiking trails or nature parks. For a little extra fun or competition, check out Geocaching.
  • Many local community gardens and farms are always looking for volunteers. Get your hands dirty together and see what is out there!
  • Support women’s health together because that’s pretty damn sexy. Check out opportunities to get involved with groups like Planned Parenthood or Women’s Voices.

Mood Lighting

Consider unplugging for a night. See how sexy saving electricity and playing board games (or other games) by candlelight can be. Look to soy candles to set the mood. If candles aren’t your (or your landlord’s) thing, LED twinkle lights you can find at your local hardware or craft store will also set the mood.

Eco Lingerie

There’s nothing sexier than pretty, comfortable lingerie that is delicate on Mother Nature as well. Here are some killer eco friendly brands that’ll make sure you’re covered (or not, for that matter…) for any occasion.


First things first: Protection. Safe Sex is the best sex so make sure you always have protection at the ready. When used correctly, condoms are the only form of contraception that prevent STD/STIs, as well as unwanted pregnancy. But you can do even more for your and your partner’s bodies by being more mindful of the sort of chemicals that go into your condoms and how they’re made. Sustain Condoms are green, Fair Trade and sustainably produced to protect you and Planet Earth, so what better to have on hand?

Eco Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toys, there are a lot of different options out there. But more and more there are products made with natural, sustainable materials so that your body, your wallet, and your planet will thank you. The best part? You don’t have to compromise on pleasure.

Eco Friendly Sheets

Protection? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Sexy, sustainable undies and accessories? Check. Now go have some fun between the sheets that happen to be eco-friendly.

There you have it. Now you’re ready to slip on those heels for an earth-friendly date night that doesn’t leave a big footprint. Who knew being eco could be so sexy?

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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