We’re not going to dance around it: college students have sex. You put a group of young people in the same place for any amount of time and they’re going to do what’s natural. And we’re all for it--as long as they’re being safe.

We’re talking to girls in particular. We’re not saying that girls are more or less safe than guys when it comes to sex. What we are saying is that even though the millennial generation might be sexually liberated, girls still face way more stigmas than guys when it comes to using birth control; especially when using condoms. We can’t count the number of those from both sexes we’ve talked to who say, “If a girl carries a condom on her, it comes off as slutty.”

So to all you ladies who want to hit it this fall, we say: own it. And to help you with that, we’ve come up with some responses you can give any guy or girl who challenges your right to be safe about your body.

I don’t want to use a condom because it doesn’t feel as good.

Does chlamydia feel better? There are 19 million new cases of STDs in 15-24 year olds each year. 1 in every 4 college student has an STD. Getting the picture?

Besides which, many condoms now adjust for fit and feel. There are almost as many condoms as there are ways to have sex.

Birth control is expensive and I’m a poor student.

Did you know that in the first month of a baby’s life, they go through about 10 diapers a day? That’s 300 diapers in one month. That’s a lot of cash. How much does a pack of condoms cost? Not as much as 300 diapers, that’s for sure.

In addition, many campus health clinics and centers will give out condoms for free. Can’t get cheaper than that.

I don’t need a condom because I’m/You’re on the pill.

 1 in 4 college students have an STD. Plus, about one-third of those on campus are hooking up several times a week. Why take a chance when you don’t have to?

Don’t you trust me when I say I don’t have an STD?

It's important to know that many of those with STIs don’t always show outward symptoms, or have a delayed reaction. These include: gonorrhea, HPV and chlamydia. Get tested regularly, it’s the only way to know for sure.

I don’t know where to go to get tested.

Check with your on-campus health center. You can get tested at many local clinics as well, and your regional Planned Parenthood can also provide you with information and locations. Another great resource for the wheres, how-tos and whats of contraception is the website besider.com.

I don’t know any girls who carry condoms.

Cindy GallopPippa BiddleLady Gaga. There, now you know three.

Are you having that much sex that you need to carry a condom?

I have sex. Period. That’s reason enough.

There’s enough to stress in college without throwing sex into the mix. So do yourself a favor, ladies: throw a condom in your purse, along with your lipstick, wallet and keys. That way, you can get on top of those sparks that cutie in your Psych 101 class has been sending you worry-free 

Most vagina-related products contain harmful ingredients and put little care into how they affect women’s bodies. We’re changing that.

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